Have you ever attended a traditional Indian wedding? It would be an unforgettable experience if you were to attend an Indian wedding. The madness and the noise will stun you. The general emphasis is on ceremony and song. Rituals and a lot of singing and dancing accompany every Indian wedding. An Indian weeding would be incomplete without loud music. The music can get awfully loud and if you are not used to it, you may as well stay away. The groom usually arrives with a lot of fanfare. He is seen astride a horse and this would probably be the first time in his life (and probably the last) that he has sat astride a horse. This arrival is accompanied by traditional folk songs. Then there is a small get together with the bridegroom sitting alongside the groom in a real close encounter. There is a little nervousness in the air and the groom and bride are not the only nervous ones present. There is usually a lot of chatting about the groom's good looks and the bride's awesome beauty. There is a short ceremony with the local priest pronouncing the unenviable pair as husband and wife. There is no kissing. That is left to a later time. For the time being, there is just a lot of sweating. This is always followed by a huge hearty meal for all.